Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lunchbox Ideas : Simple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My husband goes to the office on 7'o clock sharp. And I always insisted that instead of eating from the office, he should take his lunch box with him. There started mu journey of waking up sharp at 6'o clock and prepare something for him. Earlier I used to give him bread and butter with some fruits. Everyday, the same thing, the same item. Naturally I prepared breakfast for both of us and I got bored of the same routine every day. That is when I started experimenting with the lunch box , which eventually lead me to the starting of this series - lunch box ideas. Not only for grownups, this will also work for children as well, because when it comes to the matter of food, only one side wins the race - i.e. taste. In this first post of this series, I am sharing a very basic and simple recipe of Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

This was very tough for me in the begining, as I have always been a let riser. Even when I went to University, I used to wake up at 8:30 a.m and then literally ran to enter the class in time, which used to start by 10'o clock sharp. So making breakfast so early has taught me 2 things - to get up early and to make something really appetizing quickly and I mean very very quickly. All the recipes that I will post here will be more or less appetizng because I believe(which is also a fact) that a good breakfast makes the body less carving for food for the entire day as well as, it makes the body more fresh and energetic.
Sandwich stands for me as a grab and go meal. Everything punched inside the two slices of bread its just a whole meal that you can just grab, take a bite and work again. And its easy to make too. And the fun part is that with sandwich there is no limit of experimenting. You can throw any vegetables that you have in your pantry, inside it. If you are looking for a healthier option, go for brown breads or whole wheat breads and low fat mayonnaise and cheese. Its an wonderland of all the flavors.:)

Dish Reminder:

  • In this grilled cheese sandwich I have put in the grated mozzarella and cheddar. But you can mix any cheese of your choice.
  • This cheese sandwich is full of cheese and gives a maddening flavor of the cheeses inside. You can go ahead and add veggies to it. But by doing that you will loose the simple flavor of the cheese inside. This is why I packed the salad separately. Sometimes, keeping things simple actually enhance the richness and make it fuller.

Simple Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Serves 1

  • 2 slices of bread
  • 1 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 2 tbsp grated mozzarella
  • 2 tbsp grated cheddar
  • salt
  • pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil for brushing
  • Brush the extra virgin olive oil to the outer sides of the bread slices. If you don't have oil go for butter, but olive oil is a more healthier option.
  • Now on the other side of the bread slices, which will be the inner side spread the mayonnaise.
  • In a bowl mix the grated mozzarella and cheddar.
  • Spread the cheese mix over one slice of bread.
  • Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Do not go overboard because the cheeses will already have salts in them.
  • Put the other slice of bread on top of the cheese spread.
  • Press firmly.
  • Put on a grilling pan and cover.
  • Let it cook for 3-4 minutes. Do not heat up the pan and then put the bread, because, that way the outer crust of the bread will turn brown and crispy quickly before even melting the cheese inside.
  • Once one of the side is crispy and brown, flip over and cover again.
  • After 3-4 minutes put off the flame and put away the sandwich from the pan.
  • Cut diagonally and serve with drizzled sauce over it.
For the salad, I have used lettuce, tomato, cucumber,hard boiled egg and some basil leaves. Just cut and mix them with a little salt and pepper ad olive oil. If packing for the lunch box avoid the olive oil.


  1. This looks lovely. surely will try it. thanks a ton, at least, now I don't have to think for tomorrow's lunch menu :)

  2. Thank u!!! Do try this.Its yumm!!:)