Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A little bit of me

Sometimes I freak out..some times I just think...and sometimes I let it go...There's no point holding a point back. In a pathetic rush life we lead in this damn earth...I don't think nothing really matters whether we are holding on to someone or something or just moving one. Cause if we are not doing that...the one will surely do with whom we are holding one. So life's mantra these days are MOVE ON...!!
Ok...Ok...lots of advise are up there...but you know what its not really easy to cope up with someone whom we barely know some months ago and then there is just two words left...our life..!! It was fun initially but as life unfolds itself its not so fun either..!! With kind of 8 moths left of our marriage...I somehow can comprehend how much different life can be when we decide to stay together.Its not just us...there's a whole lot of people engaged with us...and most importantly its that person who makes it so damn special...But what to do when there is a fight?? Its that downside which transforms my single life to a married life.
It's not too long that I fought with him.Its not actually a fight it was rather a misunderstanding of our activity...!!It made me realize that, this is what actually happens when we fight...in most of the cases. I am happy that we have enough time to understand each other being two completely opposite from each other. I am so damn talkative and he is reserved and polite. So there comes some times when he takes some of my activity very very seriously when I on the other end is actually joking. So...girls who are going to be get married soon..this is the problem most of you might face.
I have seen tons of my friends having love live and boyfriends...and I have seen their cosey relationships but this marriage is very very different from that. I can't really explain how different this is...but be sure that this is different.
How is my marriage preparation going???Well my parents fianlly decided the place aftre their first prference was grabbed from them as they got late for 2 days in booking..!! Here is my big advise....first go for the venue...its most dificult to choose.
What mother chose initially was close to our house and was huge and very beautiful. Now we have to move to a place that is at a much distance.
That's it for today....see you in my next post...!!

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